Tangting Print, more than just a R & D and manufacturing printer company

Custom services

Tangting Print has independent mechanical engineers and software engineers.
Thanks to the ownership of a full set of software and hardware, we are able to provide our customers with a wealth of customized services.
If you have any ideas, please contact us.

Own software and production

Independently develop software for printer host computer, PCB control motherboard and program.
Developed RIP software with MengTai.
We have a production base in Beijing, the capital of China, and can provide wall painting machines and floor printers with an annual output of 1,000 units.

Sales and technical services for global and southern China

Beijing Huake HengRun Tech is responsible for sales and technical services in northern China.
Tangting Print is responsible for sales in southern China, sales in overseas markets, and technical services.

Fast and efficient technical services

All after-sales team technical engineers are involved in the R & D and debugging of HK series, T series and F series printers.
We provide on-site training services to help you commission and teach you how to operate your printer.
We promise to provide 24 * 7 hours service, and all technical issues will be resolved within 3 working days.

About HuaKe tech and Tangting Print

  • 2009

    Huake tech successfully developed a control motherboard and program for Epson's full range of printer nozzles, as a technical service company to provide technical support to many flatbed printer manufacturers in China.
  • 2013

    Huake tech successfully developed the wall printer control motherboard and debugged it successfully. Continue to provide technical support services for wall printer assembly merchants as a technical service provider.
  • 2017

    Huake tech established its own production department and started to produce HK-E9 wall printers independently.
  • 2018

    Huake developed the HK series printers. Once launched, they were strongly loved by the market. More than 300 printers were sold that year. In particular, the HK-K2 and HK-K4 printers have 2 and 4 Epson print heads, and the printing speed is 2-4 times that of ordinary printers. The print parameters of each print head can be controlled by software. The technology is highly integrated and currently leads the market.
  • April, 2018

    Huake tech developed other than HK-UV printers. This printer has 5 colors (CMYKW), can print white, and can print on a dark background. At present, this UV printer belongs to the global leader, and no other manufacturer owns this printer.
  • September, 2018

    Successfully developed the FD-1 ground printer, which is the world's first ground printer. Printing width is 2 meters, and printing length is unlimited. Can paint on any material floor.
  • August, 2019

    Tangting Print was established. Provide sales and technical services to overseas users. Over half a year sold more than 30 wall printers.
  • October, 2019

    Tangting Print developed the SL model wall printer with wheels and a foldable vertical bar, which is very suitable for indoor printing jobs.
  • December, 2019

    Tangting Print successfully signed the North American distributor and applied for 3 US patents. Owns warehouse and inventory printers in Wilmington, USA. Provides local technical services to US and Canadian customers.
  • January, 2020

    Huake successfully developed the FD-2 ground printer and successfully delivered it to customers.
  • January, 2020

    Tangting Print participated in the Fastsign exhibition in Phoenix, USA with US distributors.
  • March, 2020

    Tangting Print developed the T series wall printer. A transformative wall printer. Can use wheel and track at the same time, which is very suitable for indoor printing and very suitable for outdoor uneven printing work. It is also very small and easy to handle and transport.
  • ...

    Our story continues and our innovation does not stop.
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