Tangting Print offers solutions for High Resolution Inkjet Printing on the wall and floor.


High resolution and fast print speed.

Printing resolution is up to 2880dpi, maximum printing speed is tup to 13m2/h.
HK-D2 Wheel floor printer

First Floor Printer in the World

Printing width up to 3 meters, unlimited printing length. Can print on any ground, CMYKW full color.

Leading CMYK+White UV LED printing technology

CMYK-White UV LED printing system can print any image on any background.
UV wall printer

Printing solutions

What do you want to print? We have your solutions.


State of the art technology

Robot printing for rail.


March 16, 2020
Fast sign USA-the wall printer

USA Expo: Fast Sign

On February 15-18, 2019, our US distributor "The Wall Printer" participated in the Fast Sign exhibition in Phoenix City.
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